‘Night’ – My first attempt at poetry

Wind blowing through the night Dark, gloomy yet it felt right. The wooden window open wide A lost soul sitting beside. She gazed far into the starless sky And the grass amidst which fireflies fly. Her heart so empty and cold That nothing but the night could mould. Her eyes wandered here and there Remembering... Continue Reading →

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What if it’s all a lie?

What if we take birth and we die; whatever lies between these two extreme points is just a dream? What if what we call 'life' is actually our brain forming billions of images which are stacked together to form a lifelong virtuality? What if the people we meet, the friends we have, don't actually exist?... Continue Reading →

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The Library Guy (A short story)

3rd June, 2017. Ananya, a benign, shy, tall girl living in her wondrous teenhood, would never forget this date. A brand new library called “The Readers’ Castle” was opened that day in her neighborhood! For her, it was a dream forming the shape of reality. A library having a number of huge wooden bookshelves embracing... Continue Reading →

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I Want To…

I want to dive deep into the ocean, making my fragile body get a cold rush through its spine for I want to be nothing but a live floating piece of body in a world made of just water. I want to take in the queer beauty of the wild, uncanny sea horses and jelly... Continue Reading →

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d r e a m c a t c h e r

I bought a dreamcatcher that day. It was beautifully adorned with red beads and brown-black feathers. (I wonder if it was perhaps, ruthlessly plucked from a hawk's skin, while it kept groaning for its freedom.) A brown hoop, bearing a rainbow-colored web, carried the weight of four tinier hoops like a mother with four kids... Continue Reading →

f l a w s

Subtle clouds in different hues of brown, Black spots like sprinkled paint Hover over my face, Like a veil pinned to its place. Both my brows not following the rules, Tiny hairs growing outside the ideal fence. Lips not pink or pretty, As it should be As it is described in poetry. Wrinkled skin decorate... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Do we really know ourselves? Do we know how our lips twitch when someone looks straight into the pool of mystery that our eyes hold and say "you're beautiful"? Do we know how our eyes show beauty beyond that of the galaxies and flora combined, when we look at the one person who owns half... Continue Reading →

Blissful Death

Oh beating heart, how long would you bear the red? How long would you live in the cage? Oh, would you tell me? How long would it take for you to finally slow down, For the beats to drop gradually, Silently and subtly, and then never revive again? How long can you bear the weight... Continue Reading →

Parallel Lines

I run like a hare amidst the grass Straight, with a destination unknown. I, consumed in emptiness, Wander on the path already shown. But then, out of nowhere I felt the presence Of an entity in this space I loathed. I glanced at my left And realized it was the very thing I longed. A... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare

What if we could live our perpetual life under the luminous stars, slow dancing while the pale moonlight caresses our cold cheeks? What if the only thing that disturbed us was the sudden cool wind freeing our hair from its shackles? What if you didn't have the meetings to attend and I, the documents to... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Own Self.

Dear Achu, *In Joey’s voice* How you doin’? Hey, I know what your response would be! Your same old cliched dialogue “I’m grand. How are you doing?” (Duh, I know you copied that from Augustus Waters! ) Anyway, now that I could, in fact, write you a letter, here are some of the things you should know. 1. Don’t hate... Continue Reading →

Sherlock replaces Siri for a day


Hey Siri,

  • Make dinner reservations for two at Gourmet Italia at 09:00 pm?
  • Date night? Wait! Is it that hazel eyed girl again? She has been secretly thinking about her ex judging by the time she took to reply to your texts the 5 times you mentioned about him the previous night. She is having second thoughts and is clearly not into you. Better break it off before the dates get expensive.
  • How many calories are there in rice?
    • Google it yourself. Come to me if you come across a nice murder or a couple of beheadings.
  • What is 25% tip on $180?
    • Did they not have schools at the place where you came from?
  • Which movie should I go out to watch?
    • Sherlock Holmes 🙂
  • What is the latest cricket score?
    • Don’t disturb me when I’m in my mind palace.
  • Call my mom?
    • Why? So that you could tell…

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